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Whether it's showcasing your products in their best light, telling your brand's story through captivating visuals, creating an aesthetic that reflects your company's values, or beautiful portraits that bring a face to the brand, professional photography is non-negotiable for your Small Business. 

Quality, professional imagery is the cornerstone of successful advertising and marketing strategies in today's digital landscape. In an era dominated by social media, visual content reigns supreme. Professional photography plays an indispensable role in captivating audiences, conveying brand identity, and driving online engagement.

Commercial Sessions


Ideal for Small Businesses who need any of the following content...

  • Social media content

  • Product photography

  • Staff portraits or headshots

  • Home/studio/lifestyle content

  • Event coverage

  • Classes and workshop coverage

  • Please reach out if you need something different! 

$500 - 1 hour session (up to four hours)

$400 - 30 minute session

Content Punch Card

Especially designed for Small Businesses, the Punch Card is ideal for a well rounded, annual flow of marketing content.

  • FOUR 1-hour sessions, individually shot during each seasonal change of the year, for a well rounded array of marketing content, showcasing your business in all seasons. Seven-day turnaround time for each session, allowing us to create the content, and for you to post it while still in season. All four sessions will take place within one calendar year. First session can start during whichever season booking occurs.

$2,000 - Four 1 hour sessions​

Session 1: Winter (November 1st - March 31st)
Session 2: Spring (April 1st - June 10th)
Session 3: Summer (June 11th - August 31st)
Session 4: Autumn (September 1st - October 20th)

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